Video: Rappin’ with Vanilla Ice in Texas … word to your mother

I don’t go to a lot of concerts, but when I do … I make sure they’re free.

A couple of months ago, we checked out Vanilla Ice, aka Robert Van Winkle, who did a little mini-concert on a humid but overcast day at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington.

Vanilla, or Mr. Ice, was promoting the Mr. Freeze ride and his appearance in the Adam Sandler movie, That’s My Boy, which lasted in theaters for about as long as it takes to ride the Mr. Freeze ride.

But despite a bad choice in movie roles, Ice delivered a nice little concert. We stood right up to the speakers as Ice pounded out a few numbers while the Mr. Freeze go-go girls sweated off their silver body paint and a masked clown in a Santa suit pranced around on stage. My generation at the concert knew him as Ice. My teenage son knew him best as one of the “VH1 One-Hit Wonders” who flips houses on TV. I’m not sure my son knew that Ice grew up on the “mean streets of Carrollton.” Here’s my post on the concert.

Months earlier, I wrote about Ice’s visit to Dallas. He was in town for a taping of his DIY network show, Vanilla Ice Project. Later, Gloria Salinas, one of my talented editors, shot this video and was at the remodeled house for the big unveil party.

In interviews and face-to-face, Ice seems like a nice, nice, nice guy. Since meeting him, I have now added “Pop yo’ colla and make’em holla” to my list of expressions.

My son Beau, wife Brigitte and our favorite rapper, Vanilla Ice. Word.

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