OU wrapup: Notre Dame loss was tough for everyone

Landry Jones looks bummed over losing to Notre Dame (Bryan Terry/The Oklahoman)

I’ve had two boys in their 20s. I know when they’re disappointed. Or when they’re hurt. Parents sense the feeling.

I mention this because it’s taken a couple of days for OU’s loss to Notre Dame to sink in. It was a terrible loss for any longtime OU fan over the age of 50.

At the end of the game, I was deeply disappointed.

How did OU lose? Don’t these kids know how important it is for veteran OU fans to beat Notre Dame?

Then, I saw some indications in the media that this loss did hurt these kids. After the game, some OU players took to Twitter to apologize and accept blame. On Tuesday morning, I saw a photo of Landry Jones walking to the locker room,  past the cheering Notre Dame section, his eyes down, looking very disappointed.

It’s a hurt look that I’ve seen in my own boys. I’ve seen that look in their eyes when they’ve let me down.

I hate that look. I can’t even stand it when players in my video games are injured and walk off the field in agony.

OK, so maybe the loss did hurt the players. Maybe they felt the frustrations that geezer OU fans have felt against Notre Dame.

Let’s just say we’re all hurting together over this loss.

ABOUT THE GAME: Notre Dame followed the Kansas State template for beating OU. Over the years, the elite SEC teams have done the same to OU: control the line, keep OU’s offense in front of them. I’m not certain the rest of the teams on OU’s schedule can accomplish the same.


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