OU football: Kolaches, win over Baylor used to be automatic

Kolaches and victories over Baylor used to be automatic.

If there was any guarantee in life, it was my every-other-year trip to Waco to see the OU football team play.

On the way there, stop in the little Czech community of West and scarf down some kolaches.

Watch OU stomp Baylor.

Ou the way back, stop in the little Czech community of West and scarf down some kolaches.

But last year, for some reason, I missed that 80-mile trip down I-35. Maybe I was lazy.

But I’m glad I didn’t make it. OU looked lazy, too. Had I made it, I doubt if I would have been in the mood for kolaches (OK, never mind, a football game wouldn’t stop me from kolaches).

Like I said, the trip to Waco was automatic. For North Texans, it’s the best time to see OU play without paying the out-of-world prices that you would pay in Norman or Dallas.

It’s a short trip. Parking lot is not an issue. You didn’t even have to buy a ticket. Just wander around one of the entrances right before kickoff, whistle and jingle the change in your pocket nonchalantly, and slip in when they stopped taking tickets. No one watches. Or cares. Once you get in, you sit where you want, too.

For so many years, you had no reason to be worried about Baylor. And why would you? OU had beaten Baylor 20 times. The Sooners had won even when John Blake was coaching.

I remember early in my OU football consciousness in 1973, when the Sooners were on probation and nothing was expected of them. They blew out Baylor.

I was so confident that in the middle of the Anthrax scare, I bet a co-worker and Baylor alum who worked in the mail room of a San Francisco newspaper that I would open mail for him, barehanded, if OU lost to Baylor.

I’m glad I didn’t make that bet last year.

Actually, I’m glad it happened. Baylor had the one of those years last year in all sports. In football, it helped flush out worn elements of the OU football team. It brought back Mike Stoops, and so far, that seems like a good thing.

Next year, I’m more confident of OU continuing its dominance over Baylor. I’m already thinking of that kolache stop.

ABOUT WEST: The little stop for kolaches was made even more famous when John Quinones and ABC’s What Would You Do? set up a scenario in a West bakery. Here’s the video.

ABOUT THE GAME: An angry OU will win handily. The Sooners are tired of hearing about losing twice in one season at Memorial Stadium. Landry Jones will be playing to up his draft status. The receivers realize if NFL eyes are on Landry, they’ll be on them, too. The defense will be out to prove itself as well. OU’s special teams have been progressing each week. And it’s a daytime game. This year’s Baylor team will pay for the sins of last year’s. And there’s no more Robert Griffin III. He’s now hawking Subway sandwiches and making a name for himself in the NFL. My prediction: OU 63, Baylor 14.

SHORTHORN WATCH: Whatever context the question was posed and even how Mack Brown answered it, the texas coach looks silly for suggesting that the inverted hook’em sign was disrespectful. That’s crazy talk. If you take away the inverted sign, you might as well take away the hook’em sign altogether. I doubt that’s what led to Darrell Royal’s passing, but I wouldn’t be surprised at his dismay of how sensitive the orangeblood program is getting.

FUTURE SOONER? I watched another potential OU signee make a difference Friday night. Justin Manning, a 6-foot-3, 275-pound noseguard, ignited Dallas Kimball to a 20-19 victory over Dallas South Oak Cliff. Manning looked very agile for his size. He sparked the victory by returning a fumble 43 yards for a touchdown in the fourth quarter.


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