I’ve Seen Things’ second annual Academy Award predictions … and Hollywood catering news

Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey did the caterers no favors in their roles for the Dallas Buyers Club.

So much attention is paid to the acting and production qualities of Academy Award-nominated movies.

But what about the caterers who provide the sandwiches and breakfast tacos to the poor actors and production people?

They deserve attention, too.

So, here’s the list of who provided barbecue sandwiches to this year’s Oscar-nominated films:

Location Gourmet Inc.: In between the harsh scenes, this Metairie, La.-based catering company provided food for the cast and crew of 12 Years a Slave. It’s the same caterer that provided food for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Director/producer Steve McQueen even gave Location Gourmet a shoutout: “It starts with hair and makeup, catering, the camera department, the sound department, the electricians — every single plug in the wheel was working. Without that, nothing gets done.”

Hakim Shakoor: In the credits for American Hustle, he’s listed as the official caterer and assistant chef. His other credits include World War Z and Zombieland, so he apparently knows what zombies like to eat.

Hat Trick Catering: This 10-year-old, Austin-based catering company even caters ships at sea around Malta (for Captain Phillips). Hat Trick Catering also has served the cast and crew of Idiocracy and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Chorley Bunce: This catering company for film and TV is based in the U.K. and was also the official caterer of Robin Hood and The Fifth Element.

The Lake House Catering: This Mandeville, La.-based catering company has worked on nearly 40 feature films, including Dallas Buyers Club. One of its entrees is flank steak with peach whiskey sauce. Here’s betting that Matthew McConaughey didn’t come within 50 feet of the buffet line.

Chef Robért Catering: This West Hollywood, Calif.-based service provided the menu for Her. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, chef Robert Lampkin said he can cater a “100-day film shoot without repeating a single dish.” Before Her, he provided the meals for Moneyball.

Tony’s Food Service: This catering service owned by chef Tony Kerum is the industry standard, providing food for filmmakers for the past 35 years. Kerum provided the meals for the cast and crew of The Wolf of Wall Street. Matko B. Malinger, the creator of Cooking for Hollywood, told Cinema Without Borders that “some of the biggest stars and the most influential filmmakers will never sign a film contract without first making sure that Tony’s name is on it.”

Now, that we know who’s feeding the superstars, here are my picks:

Best Picture

Gravity: It broke new ground in 3D moviemaking. Watching space debris hurl toward you made it possible to forget that you’re wearing clunky, germ-ridden 3D glasses.

The others

12 Years a Slave: Although it carried new messages, it seemed like I’d seen it before. Maybe it was too brutal.
American Hustle: It was too complex. Tried too hard. Like Christian Bale’s comb-over.

Captain Phillips: Tom Hanks was at his best, especially his breakdown at the end of his ordeal.

Dallas Buyers Club: McConaughey and Jared Leto should make more movies together. I’m mad that this film wasn’t made in Dallas, however.

Her: Didn’t see it. Couldn’t fit it in.

Nebraska: Didn’t see it. It’s in black and white, but I do like Bruce Dern.

Philomena: Didn’t see it. Too British.

The Wolf of Wall Street: Didn’t see it. It’s too long.

Best Actor

Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Best Actress

Meryl Streep. I thought August: Osage County should have been in the best picture category. It was my favorite.

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Jared Leto. Duh.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Julia Roberts


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