Six thoughts about ‘Breaking Bad’ … a show that I’ll really miss

Is Walter White really dead? Bryan Cranston teased the topic on CNN. Check my No. 1 contention on this blog post about Breaking Bad.


Image Check Walt’s eye … completely fixed and dilated. (screencap from my DVR)

All day Monday, I was asked my opinion of Sunday night’s season finale of AMC’s Breaking Bad. Here are my top six impressions of the greatest show to grace TV. (This post is lousy with spoilers.)

6. Homage to El Paso: Early in the show, Walter White finds a Marty Robbins cassette tape in the glovebox of the Volvo he drives to New Mexico. I nearly hyperventilated because El Paso is one of my favorite songs (in addition to Crystal Blue Persuasion). El Paso made perfect sense, especially the lyric “Out to the badlands of New Mexico.” Again, music augments the story. As soon as I heard the first strum of Badfinger’s Baby Blue — one of the first 45s I ever bought — I knew which lyric was going to resonate: “Guess I got what…

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